Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 5:55 pm by Diana

Custom Design has been our specialty since we opened our doors 1979.  

We've come a long way since the 1980's and '90's when we used to melt customers gold down and custom design special, sentimental pieces from a scratch pad at the counter.  Our customers loved the idea of making something very special from their family's jewelry collection, that matched their personality and the current trends.

Today's latest technology allows us to still create those special, unique jewelry items but with a much more sophisticated process.  Mari Lou and her custom designers still work at the counter with our customers and a scratch pad but then turn that drawing into a CAD drawing specifiying the exact layout of the ring in a detailed picture.  Customers can see the view of the ring from all angles and then cast and set up the ring from there.  

Our one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry can't.  The jewelry you wear is an expression of your personality, passions, and lifestyle. While creating a custom designed piece may seem overwhelming, we are experienced at simplifying the process and making even complex designs accessible. Our designers will work together with you to develop a unique design that reflects your vision and budget. Our custom design specialists will bring your inspiration to life by combining the latest design technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship. 

Appointments are not necessary but recommended.

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